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Contact information

Contact details of staff who deals with queries from parents and other members of the public:

Jenny Rose
Archbishop Sentamu Academy
1 Bilton Grove

Tel: 01482 781912

Principal: Mr Chay Bell

Chair of Governing Body:
Mrs Susan Teal
Archbishop Sentamu Academy
1 Bilton Grove

SEN co-ordinator (SENCO):
Ms C Bowes

Archbishop Sentamu Academy is sponsored by the Diocese of York:
The Diocese of York
Amy Johnson Way
YO30 4XT
Tel: 01904 699500

Admission Arrangements

Archbishop Sentamu Academy has a published admission number of 270 students for admissions to Year 7, the admission number of students for Year 8-11 are 240 per year group.

Applications Year 6 to 7;

Parents or Carers will need to apply for a secondary place within your child’s last year in primary school. The application must be submitted to the Local Authority, for more information please call the Local Authority on Tel: 01482 300 300 or

Year 7 – Year 11

Parent/Carer wishing to apply for a place at Archbishop Sentamu Academy will be required to complete the Academy’s admission request form or letter of interest, upon receipt a member of the admissions team will contact you accordingly to arrange a meeting to discuss further should a place be available.

More information and guidance can be found here:
Hull City Council – Schools
Admission Policies –

Sixth Form

To join our sixth form, please visit;


If a place is unable to be offered at Archbishop Sentamu Academy, you will be provided with the opportunity to a formal appeal by completing the Academy’s appeals form. Upon receipt, your appeal will be coordinated by our external Appeals Coordinator and panel. All appeals should be heard by the external panel in 20 days.

For more information, please contact Jenny Rose at the academy:

Tel: 01482 781912


Reports and results

For our most recent Ofsted report, please click: Archbishop Sentamu Academy – Ofsted Report
This can also be accessed on the Ofsted website.

For our most recent SIAMS report, please click: Archbishop Sentamu Academy – SIAMS Report Oct 2017

Exam and assessment results

The Government has announced that it will not publish any school or college level educational performance data based on tests, assessments or exams for 2020, due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

As part of steps taken to fight the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the Government announced that all exams that were due to take place in schools and colleges in England in summer 2020 would be cancelled and that it will not publish any school or college level educational performance data based on tests, assessments or exams for 2020. The DfE’s priority was to work with awarding organisations and Ofqual to ensure that students who were due to take exams in summer 2020 were awarded grades that were as fair as possible so they could move on as planned to the next stage of their lives.

2019 Key stage 4 (end of secondary school)

Progress 8 score: -0.27
Attainment 8 score: 39.4
% of students who achieved a grade 4 or above in English and Maths: 53%
% of students who achieved a grade 5 or above in English and Maths: 25%
Number of Students entering EBacc: 73/212 (34%)
EBacc average point score: 3.35
% of pupils who’ve achieved the EBacc – 15%
% of students staying in education or employment after Key Stage 4 – 93% (2018)

Key stage 5 (16 to 19) results

2019 Applied General L3VA score+0.32
(Applied General Disadvantaged figure being +0.50)

2019 A Level L3VA score is -0.08
(A Level Disadvantaged L3VA score of +0.07)

2019 Maths and English resit scores: Progress score of +0.46 for Maths and +0.68 for English.

Performance tables
Click for: Performance Tables

Exclusion arrangements
Our arrangements for exclusion can be viewed in our
Behaviour Policy


The curriculum within Archbishop Sentamu Academy is there to provide students with the foundation, skills and opportunities to go onto further education or training successfully and confidently.

Click for: Curriculum Policy

Our curriculum guides are available at:

Please contact the academy for further information regarding curriculum choices. 

KS3 – Subjects available:

Maths, English, Science, Religious Education, IT, French, Chinese, Geography, History, Physical Education (PE), Literacy, Numeracy, PSHE, Art, Drama, Music, Technology


KS4 – Subjects available:

Maths, English Language, English Literature, Dual Award Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry), Triple Science, PSHE, Religious Education, Geography, History, Chinese, French, Photography, Literacy, Numeracy, Music, IT, Physical Education (PE Core and BTEC Sport), Art, Business, Drama, Film, Technology, Food Technology, Motor Vehicle Engineering, Animal Care, Graphic Design & Citizenship

Sixth Form

The Post 16 curriculum model includes a range of Level 2 and Level 3 programmes, Mathematics and English GCSE Resits, an Enrichment Programme (for Y12) and work experience time (for Y12).

Students are interviewed after their application is submitted and then after their GCSE results. Suitable programmes are developed for each student. Career ambitions are ascertained before decisions are taken.

The curriculum model allows for Level 2 students to progress to Level 3 courses and for Level 3 students to pursue one of three pathways: academic, vocational and mixed.  All students work towards completing 3 courses at Level 3 at the end of Year 13.


Policies and documents

Click for all Academy policies

Behaviour policy – ASA Behaviour Policy

Pupil Premium Report & statement
Click: Pupil Premium Strategy 
Click: Pupil Premium Impact Report

Year 7 Catch-up Premium
Click: Year 7 Numeracy and Literacy Catch-up Premium

Academy Catch-up Premium
Click: Catch-up Plan

For more information about Careers, the impact of the careers programme and review dates, please click: Careers and Education

Complaints policy
Click for: SALT Complaints Policy 

Data Protection / GDPR
Privacy Notice – Staff 
Privacy Notice – Students

Funding Agreement – Funding Agreement

Medication Policy – ASA Medication Policy (Under review)

Scheme of Delegation – Scheme of Delegation

Special education needs and disability information

Special Educational Needs Policy –ASA SEN Policy

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) – SEND Summary Report

SEN Parental Q&A – Parental Q&A

Equality objectives

Governors information

Governors’ information and duties – Please see the Governors’ information page.

Charging and remissions

Charging and remissions policies
Click for: ASA Charging and Remissions Policy

Values and ethos

Values and ethos
Click for: Values & Ethos

Annual reports and accounts

Request for printed document copies

If you would like a copy of any of these documents sending to you through the post free of charge or if you have any enquiries about any information on this page please contact us using the details below.

Jenny Rose
Archbishop Sentamu Academy
1 Bilton Grove

Tel: 01482 781912

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"We are happy with his progress and his confidence has grown since starting"

Y7 Parental Survey

"The open evening had the ‘wow’ factor. My son didn’t want
to leave; I’ve never seen him so enthusiastic about school."

Y6 Parents Evening

"We are happy with his progress and his confidence has grown since he started."

Y7 Parental Survey

"He is proud to attend this school and we are proud he is able to be part of Team Archie."

Parent feedback

"I have a Year 6 going up to Archie in September. We couldn’t be happier, she’s been to the school and I know pupils who go now and I have heard nothing but great reports."

Parent feedback

"The staff are very open and communicative. My son was even given extra tuition by a teacher in her own time after he had been off school ill."

Parent feedback

"All the 6th formers I know have done amazing and thanks to Archie they are well prepared for the next chapter of their lives"

Parent feedback

"I would like to thank everyone at Archie; teaching and support staff for helping our daughter to achieve her very best"

Parent feedback

"The teaching and support has been outstanding over the last 7 years and I’m glad we chose
your school."

Parent feedback