Archie students offered International Performing Arts Scholarships

We are delighted to announce that Archbishop Sentamu Academy Sixth Form students, Corey, 16, and Elle, 17, have been awarded with scholarships for the Institute of the Arts, Barcelona – something which the University have never previously offered.

The two students were part of the cast for the Jane Thornton play ‘Ocho’, which was written especially for the academy’s Performing Arts Scholarship programme. ‘Ocho’ told the true story of eight men from Hull who fought against fascism in the Spanish Civil War.

The play took place over June and July this year and toured around Hull & East Riding before heading to the Institute of the Arts in Barcelona, where Jane Thornton and Husband, John Godber, visit as guest lecturers.

The performance of Ocho at IAB, Barcelona, was incredibly well-attended and watched by local citizens, ex-pats, students of the university and importantly the university’s principal, Giles Auckland-Lewis.

Also in the crowd that evening was Beautiful South guitarist, Dave Rotheray, who had made the 2000 mile-round trip to see the play which he’d written the soundtrack for.

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Head of Performing Arts at Archbishop Sentamu Academy, Lucy Riley, recently received an official offer from the IAB Barcelona. Giles Auckland-Lewis, Principal at the IAB, was delighted to announce that Corey, who played the part of Bert Wilson / Narrator and Elle, who played the part of Kitty Bentley, were being gifted a scholarship at the university.

Giles Auckland-Lewis said “Education is a beautiful and precious thing and should be available to all. Too often young people, because of their social and financial situations are denied access to the best education. This is very sad. Last year we were delighted to host John and Jane Godber with their production of Ocho performed by youngsters from Hull. The performance was remarkable. The youngsters demonstrate such maturity and understanding and clearly had fully engaged with both the craft of acting and intellectual content of the piece. Without consulting each other my business partner at the IAB and I came to the same conclusion – we wanted some of those youngsters to come to the Institute of the Arts Barcelona so we made the decision there and then to offer scholarships to two of the performers (we would have liked to have offered more). We know that this will be a life changing experience for them. The IAB is one of the world most exciting and diverse higher education institutions with 85% of its students coming from outside Spain. I will hopefully inspire them to go on and chase their dreams – we are thrilled to have them with us.”

Jane Thornton, writer of Ocho, said ”The Ocho students were focused, committed and a joy to work with from the start. Not only have they continued to grow and find confidence, but their skill levels and interest in the theatre has also expanded in all directions. To have Elle and Corey be offered places at the IAB in Barcelona has made me extremely proud and I am in absolutely no doubt that many of the other talented cast members will also gain places at drama schools and on university courses across the country over the coming months and years. All of them will be the first generation in their families to achieve this. I certainly cannot remember a more galvanising and inspiring project which is having a real impact on the lives of children from the City of Hull than Ocho.”

Elle, who is due to leave for Spain in September, said “More than anything I’m overwhelmed with pride. I just can’t get my head around how two students like us have managed to secure a scholarship at the institute of the arts in Barcelona. The both of us are incredibly lucky to have been given such a huge opportunity, to study the thing we love in such a beautiful place (the sun definitely helps). The support from everybody shows me and Corey how blessed we are. This may be an adventure to us but its definitely comforting to know that our team/our closest friends are also going to go on and achieve great things. The talent in our ‘Archie Family’ won’t go amiss. Ocho has proved that nothing is impossible.”

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