Centre Assessed Grades for Summer 2021
(for years 11, 12 and 13)

Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Q: How will teachers determine my child’s grade in the Summer of 2021?

A: Teachers will assess the standard at which your child is performing (based only on what they have been taught) so that the school can determine your child’s final grade. Teachers’ judgements will be based on a range of evidence (produced throughout the whole course) relating to the subject content that they have delivered, either in the classroom or via remote learning. This might include work that is already completed, such as mock exam results, homework or in-class tests. Your child’s teachers may also use questions from exam boards or exam-style mini tests, largely based on sections of past papers, to help assess them.

Q: When are teachers likely to use the above mentioned assessment or exam-style mini tests?

A: Once further detail from Exam Boards is released, teachers will confirm the arrangements for further assessment with your child. This further assessment is likely to happen after Easter. The exam-style mini tests will give your child yet another opportunity to secure good evidence to support their grade but teachers will use the best evidence that your child has generated over the entire course of study, therefore using the evidence from these exam-style mini tests will not be mandatory in all cases.

Q: Will my child know what evidence will count towards their final grade?

A: Teachers will tell your child which pieces of work will count towards their grade, before the grade is submitted to the exam board; however, they are not permitted to share the grade with your child. 

Q: Will coursework or other Non-Exam Assessment (NEA) count as evidence to support my child’s final grade?

A: Yes, NEA is a good source of evidence and will contribute to the overall grade, whether or not it has been completed. So it is important your child works hard to continue this work as best they can.

Q: What is the school doing to ensure my child has had the relevant exam access arrangement they are entitled to?

A: When completing the exam-style mino tests at school, reasonable adjustments will be taken into account if your child has a disability or requires access arrangements such as extra time or a reader.

Q: What is the deadline for my child to submit work which could count towards their final grade?

A:  The deadline for exam board submission is 18th June 2021; as such, due to the requirement for thorough marking and moderation, no work will be accepted after Friday 11th June 2021.

Q: Is there a minimum requirement for the breadth of content that has to have been taught and assessed, so that my child can be awarded a grade in the Summer of 20201?

A: The Department for Education have not set any requirements about the minimum amount of content that should be taught or assessed, but have asked the Principal to confirm that your child has been taught enough content so that they can progress to the next stage of education.

Q: Will any exams take place as planned (before the COVID 19-related disruption)  in the Summer of 2021?

A: If your child is studying for a qualification that requires a demonstration of professional or occupational competence (such as motor vehicle engineering or sports coaching), then in addition to the process above, they will need to take assessments before they can get their certificate and progress to the workplace. Assessments for these types of qualifications will therefore be continuing as normal throughout 2021, although your child’s assessment may be held in slightly different circumstances to normal, using social distancing or remote assessment, for example. If your child is studying one of these types of qualification, we will notify you with more detail as soon as possible.

Q: When will my child receive their official 2021 results?

A: We are working towards your child receiving results for AS and A levels on 10 August, and GCSEs on 12 August. Results for vocational or technical qualifications linked to moving on to further or higher education should also be issued to students either on or before these dates.

Q: Is my child entitled to appeal against their Summer 2021 grade?

A: A student who is unhappy with their grade should submit an appeal to the school, so that the school could check whether an administrative error had been made. If the school does find an error in the grade submitted, it can submit a revised grade for the board to consider. If the school does not find an administrative error but the child still believes the grade is wrong, then the school can submit an appeal to the exam board on the child’s behalf. If the exam board determines that the evidence that the school has put forward to support the child’s grade does not reflect a reasonable exercise of academic judgment, the exam board will determine an alternative grade. It is important to note that the grade can go up or down as a consequence of an appeal to the exam board.

Q: Will my child have the opportunity to sit external exams if they are not satisfied with the outcome of an appeal?

A: In the Autumn of 2021, there will be a full series of GCSE, AS and A level examinations so that students who are not satisfied with the outcome of an appeal are given the opportunity to sit an external exam if they wish to improve their teacher-assessed grade.

Teacher Assessed Grades – Exams 2021
(for years 11, 12 and 13)

Student Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be assessing me to determine my exam grades this year?

Your teachers will use the evidence they have gathered throughout the course to determine your exam grades this year, there will be no government algorithm used.

Why are my teachers assessing me?

Your teachers know you best and following the government consultation about how grades should be awarded this year, the majority of respondents agreed that teachers were best placed to determine your grades.

How will I know the process is fair?

Exam boards will issue grade descriptors and example answers to help teachers and to make sure the assessments are fair and consistent. These will be of the same standard as those from previous years so teachers and students will know what is expected for each grade. Teachers and exam boards will check to make sure the process is followed correctly.

How will my grade be worked out?

Grades will be based on the topics you have covered since the start of the course. Teachers will use a range of evidence which could include PPE results, coursework, class tests, essays and homework tasks where exam or exam type questions have been used. Exam boards will clarify which types of evidence are appropriate.

Exam boards will also provide a set of test questions for teachers to use to help gather evidence. Teachers will be able to select groups of questions that cover what has been taught in class.

Each student will have an assessment folder (it could be electronic or paper based) of evidence for each subject.

What topics will be covered in the tests?

Only the work you have covered on the course will be tested, that includes the work covered during lockdown.

When will the tests be and will they be like PPEs?

Tests will take place during April. The tests will take place in the classroom, but under exam conditions.

What happens with the subjects where the assessment is based on coursework, controlled assessment, or units where there is no exam?

You must continue to work through any coursework, practical work or units to ensure your teachers have enough evidence to award you a grade. These grades will be checked by the exam boards.

What if I am entitled to an access arrangement to support me with my tests, will I still get that support?

Yes, if you are entitled to support for exams, you will get this support for any tests.

Will I know which pieces of my work will be included for my assessment folder?

Yes, your teacher will share with you what evidence is being included in your assessment folder.

Will my teacher tell me my grade?

No, your teacher will not be allowed to tell you your grade as there is a possibility that the grade submitted could change after the exam boards have checked them. Teachers will be able to advise you on how to answer a question to achieve full marks as they normally would when you revise in class.

Please do not ask your teachers to share your grade with you.

What if I think my grade is wrong?

You can ask the school to check for errors if you think your grade is wrong. If there have been no errors and you still think the grade is wrong, you must ask the school to submit an appeal to the exam board for you. The exam board will decide if the grade is correct based on the assessment folder evidence.

When will I get my results?

Results day will be Thursday 12th August.