Edulink One App
Edulink One is our new whole School information app. It provides parents/carers with information about their children in school and allows you to access, review and request changes to the data we hold.
With Edulink One, parents/carers can:
  • Receive communications from the school directly in the app.
  • See important information about your children such as achievements, timetables and attendance.
  • Read their child’s Progress Reports and other linked documents at any time.
  • View examination timetables when they are released.
  • Access and edit their child’s information and consents (including consent for trips and visits).
  • Access updates about their child’s good conduct in school (COMING SOON)
  • Access updates about their child’s poor conduct in school, along with information about any detentions they have received (COMING SOON)
How do I access Edulink One? 
The Edulink One app is free to download and available on Apple App Store and Google Play:
You can also access Edulink One via web browser on
The school ID is: ASA
How do I get a log-in for Edulink One?   
You will be contacted via text message with your log in details when the account creation process is complete.
A how-to guide is available here: