Chaplaincy work at ASA is led by our full-time Chaplain, Reverend Anne Richards.

Working closely with a team of people, regular activities exploring Christianity, leadership of Collective Worship, and pastoral care all come under the umbrella of chaplaincy.

The chaplaincy team support the development of the Christian values of trust, love and community, across the academy but more specifically through providing time and space for students who are having a difficult time personally.

Chaplaincy also provides a focus for staff through ‘Thought for the Week’. The chaplaincy team in collaboration with other colleagues and the local church, lead responses to events in our community life, such as major festivals and ‘Remembrance’.

The Chaplain is also available to listen to staff and parents in a confidential capacity.

The academy chapel and chaplaincy office provides a focus for this work and a space for staff and students to pray, think, reflect and talk, as well as offering a space for a weekly service of Holy Communion.

*Thought for the Day*

Throughout Lockdown, Rev. Anne posted daily videos with a thought and a prayer (see below). All videos can be found at;

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"We are happy with his progress and his confidence has grown since starting"

Y7 Parental Survey

"The open evening had the ‘wow’ factor. My son didn’t want
to leave; I’ve never seen him so enthusiastic about school."

Y6 Parents Evening

"We are happy with his progress and his confidence has grown since he started."

Y7 Parental Survey

"He is proud to attend this school and we are proud he is able to be part of Team Archie."

Parent feedback

"I have a Year 6 going up to Archie in September. We couldn’t be happier, she’s been to the school and I know pupils who go now and I have heard nothing but great reports."

Parent feedback

"The staff are very open and communicative. My son was even given extra tuition by a teacher in her own time after he had been off school ill."

Parent feedback

"All the 6th formers I know have done amazing and thanks to Archie they are well prepared for the next chapter of their lives"

Parent feedback

"I would like to thank everyone at Archie; teaching and support staff for helping our daughter to achieve her very best"

Parent feedback

"The teaching and support has been outstanding over the last 7 years and I’m glad we chose
your school."

Parent feedback